This 5-Sec "Mediterranean Secret"
Helped Me Go From 219 Down To 125...

I nearly lost my life ...
This is how a simple morning routine saved me

5-Sec Mediterranean Secret

5 Second Mediterrian Secret 

Hi, my name is Lisa, I'm 64. Married for 35 years. Mother of 2, and proud Grandma of 6!

This is my Plus To Petite After 64 story.

I remember being in my 20s and 30s when I used to...

Have energy morning to night
​Maintain a slim figure while eating burgers & cheesecake
​Eat anything I wanted ... WHEN I wanted, and not gain an ounce
​​​​Stay in amazing shape without going to the gym
​​Feel sexy and confident wearing slim dresses, crop tops, and shorts
This was me. UNTIL I hit 40...

After 40, EVERYTHING Went Downhill, Fast...

Out of no where, my once lean, petite figure became a magnet for pudge in all the wrong places.
My metabolism seemed to have been shut off overnight.
My health began to suffer, and I began to feel drained of energy and lifeless throughout the day.
I tried going to bed earlier, hoping that more sleep would give me more energy. I even slept 12 HOURS some nights!
BUT I would still feel drained and lifeless the next day.
At the time I was still ignorant of how BAD my condition was.
Until ... my husband and I went to visit his side of the family in San Diego for Thanksgiving. He had booked an Airbnb overlooking La Jolla Beach for us to stay in.
Exploring the Airbnb, I saw a fancy digital scale in the bathroom. We haven't had a scale in our home in forever.
Unthinkingly, I decided to step on...
219... WHAT? Surely, the scale had to be broken.
That moment hit me like a ton of bricks.
I glanced at the bathroom mirror, and was ashamed and disgusted by what I saw.
I had huge bags under my eyes. I was so pudgy and ... dare I say... "round"?
I looked terrible. I was so angry at myself. When did I stop taking care of myself? How did I let it get this bad?
The number on the scale haunted me the rest of the day.
I knew I had to make a change. What I had become was unacceptable, and that night as I was preparing for bed, I made a decision.

5 second mediterrian Secret

I Promised To Get Back The "REAL ME"

The first thing I did when I got home was start walking.

But I quickly discovered that my knees weren't able to support the extra weight I was carrying.

Then I tried a full body cleanse with green smoothies and juicing.

I made some progress, but then I got too hungry and up snacking which completely ruined my momentum.

I even attempted some bizarre home remedies that I found on the internet.

Things like weird mixtures of apple cider vinegar, liquid brags aminos and yeast flakes all blended together. Yuck!

I even tried sleeping with an onion in my sock!

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Next I tried Keto. I lasted for two whole weeks, but I missed my breads and pastas too much.

Then I tried counting macros, and even went Raw Vegan for awhile.

BUT, my scale numbers barely moved at all.

I was going through all this torture for minimal results.

I was angry and discouraged. I thought ..."I'm trying so hard. What am I doing wrong?"

Up to now I had wanted to keep my weight loss journey private, and hadn't told any family or friends.

What Elizabeth Said Completely Shocked Me!

"Susan, you're relying too much on exercise and counting calories! You just need to ignite your metabolism!"
She explained that my weight gain had NOTHING to do with how much I ate or exercised.
She said, "Susan, I've known Jared and you for a long time, and I don't usually share things that I've just learned until I can do further research on them, but I want to show you something that I learned recently that may help you."
I thought she was going to tell me about some "magical" pill, but boy was I wrong...
She went on to tell me about a simple morning routine that she learned from a recent conference she attended a month earlier.
At first I was extremely doubtful, but after seeing how others were slimming down in their most stubborn areas after nothing else worked, I was convinced that I should give it a try.

5 second mediterranean secret